AI Player

The AI Player calculates the best move possible with relative territory evaluation.

User Interface

The UI displays all runnning games, an overview of a specific game and the current leaderboard.

Tournament Feature

The server creates a tournament, in which all players compete.

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Here's what this game is all about

The Game of the Amazons (often called Amazons for short) is a two-player abstract strategy game invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas of Argentina. It is a member of the territorial game family, a distant relative of Go and chess.

Starting Configuration

The Game of the Amazons is played on a 10x10 chessboard. The two players are White and Black; each player has four amazons, which start on the board in the configuration shown in the GUI.

Possible Moves

Each move consists of two parts. First, one moves one of one's own amazons one or more empty squares in a straight line (orthogonally or diagonally), exactly as a queen moves in chess; it may not cross or enter a square occupied by an amazon of either color or an arrow.

Shooting Arrows

After moving, the amazon shoots an arrow from its landing square to another square, using another queenlike move. This arrow may travel in any orthogonal or diagonal direction. An arrow, like an amazon, cannot cross or enter a square where another arrow has landed or an amazon of either color stands.

Keep your mobility

The square where the arrow lands is marked to show that it can no longer be used. The last player to be able to make a move wins. Draws are impossible.

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